5 perks of living in the Bronx

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If you are looking to relocate to the Bronx and might want to know why it may be beneficial for you, this is the article to read. As one of the top movers in the city, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC has ample experience in the area and why is it so good for newcomers. In this article, we will be detailing 5 of the most important perks of living in the Bronx. Without further ado, here are the:

Top 5 perks of living in the Bronx

While every area definitely has more than 5 perks, these are the major ones:

  • Affordable living
  • Numerous parks and other green areas
  • Amazing public transportation
  • Rising job market
  • Simple parking

Honorable mention goes to exceptional shopping centers and restaurants. But most neighborhoods have these so they fell just short of the top 5.

a family doing shopping
While shopping is awesome in the Bronx, it still does not make it to the top 5 perks.

The Bronx is affordable

Historically, the Bronx used to be one of the most problematic boroughs in the city. This actually has a positive effect on the cost of living in the area, as the Bronx is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the entire NYC. That does not say it is cheap to live there, it is NYC after all, but in comparison to most other boroughs, your money is going to “last longer”. Most of the movers Bronx has will offer great prices for the relocation, due to cheaper operating costs, for example. While the crime rate in the borough is still rather high, it is steadily going down as years go by.

But the housing prices are not going up. This is a unique opportunity that many people are looking to exploit. The average price per square foot in the Bronx is $327. While this may seem rather high if you are relocating from a more rural environment, this is the New York City we’re talking about. In comparison, the price of one square foot in Manhattan is as high as $1600!

For this reason, the Bronx is one of the better “entry” NYC boroughs. You will have to endure long commutes, however, but the affordability usually more than makes up for it.

One of the major perks of living in the Bronx – Green spaces

The Bronx is just about as far from the city center as NYC neighborhoods go. This means that you get to enjoy relative peace and quiet, as well as vast open green spaces. Some of the largest parks in the entire city are within Bronx borders. There’s the Barreto Point Park, Pelham Bay Park, and Van Cortlandt Park, to name a few. And there’s also the Botanical Garden, Poe Cottage, as well as the Bronx Zoo, all of which feature plenty of greenery and open spaces.

But the venue that is the most popular in the area is definitely the Yankee Stadium. Most of the top local movers NYC report that people are choosing homes near this particular venue. After all, everyone loves to watch Yankees perform their magic.

Overall, cleaner living and plenty of green space to relax and recuperate are some of the major perks of living in the Bronx. With all the crowds that are prevalent in the rest of the city, it can be nice to simply sit down and relax in a field of green.

one of the most important perks of living in the Bronx - an amazing park
There are numerous amazing parks in the Bronx.

Public transportation is amazing

Being at a somewhat remote location, it is no wonder that the Bronx features some of the best-developed public transportation systems in the entire city. The whole system is so reliable that a large number of residents do not even think about owning a car.

Of particular note is the Bronx MTA subway, as it is one of the best ways to get around NYC. Once your residential movers NYC finish transporting your belongings, you will be able to see for yourself how effective this subway is. There are also numerous bus lines that connect the Bronx to other boroughs, all of which are reliable and affordable. If you don’t like driving through the city, this might just be the perfect borough for you!

The job market is on the rise

Perhaps the most important perk of the Bronx is the job market. With the recent events, there are numerous investments and developments going on in the area, creating more jobs and opportunities on a daily basis. Furthermore, there are many people that want to live in the Bronx and work in Queens and Manhattan.

This creates a strong real estate market, which drives other businesses in the area. It can significantly pay off to rent one of the storage facility NYC solutions and get in on a small business of your own. This is made easier that it is much easier to acquire a license for a company in the Bronx than in most other boroughs, thanks to the ever-growing business market.

person doing an interview for a job
Finding a job in the Bronx is getting to be easier and easier.

Perhaps one of the best perks of living in the Bronx – Parking!

If you are a vehicle owner in NYC, we are willing to bet that finding a parking spot is part of your nightmares. The city is famous for its traffic jams and lack of parking space, after all. But if you relocate to the Bronx, your parking troubles might as well be over. While it is not guaranteed that you will always find an ideal parking spot, there will be far less difficulty in finding one.

This can save you a lot of hours throughout the month, the hours you can put into something productive. The traffic in the area is also quite mild and will feel like a breath of fresh air coming from one of the more crowded neighborhoods. As far as perks of living in the Bronx go, parking is perhaps the most influential one, tied with affordability. Furthermore, there is the notion of free parking in the Bronx, at times. Can you imagine that? If you use your car a lot, moving to the Bronx might be the best quality-of-life improvement you can get.

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