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4. Wardrobe moving box strategy.

Ben Hur Moving company will be happy to deliv­er any of your NYC moving boxes ahead of your moving day It is always a good idea a few days before your move the contents of your NY apartment or condo to fill some sturdy han­dled shopping bags with bulky closet items such as shoes, sweaters, belts, and jeans. On moving day, fill the bottom of the wardrobe moving boxes with some of the shopping bags, then add your hanging clothing. Be certain to pack your hanging items tightly so things won’t move around and fall off of hangers while in the wardrobe box. Hint: To keep your clothing dust-free during your move, it is always a good idea to cover the shoulders of your clothes (a dry cleaning bag works well. Those shopping bags on the bottom of your wardrobe boxes will also make it easier to retrieve your belongings from the bottoms of tall moving boxes.

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