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So you’ve decided to move your business to the Bronx and that is a great choice. We at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC would like to share with you 10 reasons why you should move your Business to Bronx and help you out with the relocation. Also, we’ll explain to you the advantages of moving into the financial capital of New York City.  One thing is for sure if you like suburban vibes this is a great place for you. So let’s get going!

Consider the price if you want to move your business to Bronx

First, we should consider the price of real estate in the Bronx. As you might have guessed, it’s much cheaper than the parts of NYC. So if you want to move there and cust the cost of renting or buying a property that is a great choice.  So far prices of real estate in NYC are going down by a whopping 35% compared to last year. As we all know the global Covid-19 pandemic and high inflation are the main reasons for the price drop. Now if you compare prices with Manhattan or Brookly prices are lower, and so are for the middle and upper class. Everything from renting to buying is a great option here. So certain places are considered to be the best parts of Bronx to work in. So exploring is key for your business.

If you move your business some families may move as well

Now here is another advantage of the Bronx there are plenty of things to see and do. If you are a person with a family then you’ll love the Bronx. One of the most famous things is of course Bronx Zoo, your kids will love it but so will you. This includes Dinosaur Safari, Summer Camp, Treetop Adventure, Brew at the Zoo, etc. These are just some of the fun things that you employes and you can do after work. Also just say Zoo opens every day at 10:00 AM and closes at 05:00 PM and tickets range from $31.95 to $41.95 (for kids under two it’s free). For your male part of the team and partly female you can have a great adventure by visiting the New York Yankees baseball team Stadium.

Girl taking selfie with two lamas, while thinking how to move her business to Bronx;
What could kids love more than the Zoo? If you didn’t know but the biggest Zoo in the USA is the Bronx Zoo. Today this zoo is home to over 4000 animals and 600 species.

Now, why is this important for moving your business? We as commercial movers Bronx think that this is crucial since it provides a wide range of different leisure-time activities. After a hard-working day if your co-workers or if you move here, it’s important to do something fun. Maybe just going to the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Garden or Yankee stadium isn’t your thing but the Bronx has over 1.4 million residents and it’s huge. So don’t worry you’ll find something that suits you.

Commuting is really good in Bronx

So think if someone your workers don’t want to move or if you don’t want to move. You’ll have to commute! We as local movers Bronx know that moving across NYC or any part of it can be pretty tricky. So the biggest advantage of this part of NY call is that it’s connected to the mainland. You don’t need to rely on tunnels and bridges like if you’re from other parts of NYC. Also, it’s eco-friendly since the number of people that are walking is the highest in NYC. While the most commonly used transport is not a car but mass transit. You can’t expect a bus or train to be as fast as a car but, no parking lots are required for this and you know NYC and parking.

Man on the train standing;
Commuting in the Bronx and across the whole of New York is easy and convenient. It’s also more eco-friendly since public transportation is the most commonly used in the Bronx.

Increase your customer base by moving to Bronx

As we’ve mentioned, the Bronx alone boasts a population of over 1.4 million people. And, if your firm gets more clients than the locals, you may expand to the entire population of New York. As a result, the 8.5 million individuals who live in New York City are prospective clients for your business. This is, without a doubt, one of the benefits of relocating to the Bronx. You are clearly in the plus when you consider future clients and their contribution to your firm, even if it is only 1% of the population. Some people may suggest that moving business from other parts of the city is not gonna work, but you have to try. There are many reasons to move businesses from Brooklyn to Bronx in the first place.

It is less expensive to move to Bronx than to other parts of NYC

We know as a moving and storage Bronx company that moving is always a financial burden for the company. We can agree partially on that but it’s a necessity as well, isn’t it? So let’s make a great plan and choose wonderful movers so they can help you with this. They will be able to provide you with a cost-effective relocation strategy. Make sure you’re receiving all of the services you’ll want for your move included in the price. Inquire with the salesperson about packing and unpacking services. They will pack and unload your offices as well as supply relocation supplies. You won’t have to worry about losing anything while relocating your company to the Bronx.

Man carrying a box of office materials;
Moving from one part to another part in NYC is probably more expensive than moving to the Bronx. That is one of the good sides of this, of course, you just have to choose your moving company wisely.

Move your business because of Social Media in Bronx

In New York City, there are several options for social activities. These resources might be put to good use by company executives to develop their firm and investigate new prospects. Famous people and institutions from all over the world visit NYC regularly, providing you with valuable opportunities to grow your business. Also, the Bronx is the hometown of many rap artists and artists in general. So some of them are Lindsay Lohan, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Saoirse Ronan, and many others. If you are doing marketing or you need any commercial this is the place where you’ll find a lot of influences. They are found in many categories and all sorts of businesses. Some of the most influential Social Media people are:

  • Michelle Williams is a famous food blogger and she founded Coffee and Champagne
  • Danielle Bernstein is a fashion icon and owns the brand We Wore What
  • John Henry is a business influencer listed in Forbes 30 Under 30.
  • Brandon Stanton is a filmmaker promoting positive changes in people
  • Miss Yanyi is a Spanish speaking influencer that promotes lifestyle
  • Sai De Silva is a traveling famous for making YouTube vlogs about NYC

Governing in Bronx is good for your business

One of the best movers Riverdale NY has, can assure you that governing is not a problem in most neighborhoods. Local administration and public services must cooperate with the local businesses. Good governance is a prerequisite for a successful company. That is why the Bronx is ideal for this opportunity and for New York City as a whole, which is known for its efficiency and corporate assistance. These variables, when combined with the money you may save, will enable you to bridge future gaps. People don’t realize it but we must cooperate with the government in many ways. Decisions are made together and the government may incorporate some of the ideas from the private sector into its plans.  This can have a great impact on the base of your customers, and the development of the market as a whole in a community, it can affect the living environment, location-based tactics, and so on.

White house;
A good relationship with the local government is really important if you want to have a good and successful business.

If you Move your business to Bronx it can’t get flooded

This may sound like a piece of odd advice but it’s hard to get flooded in the Bronx. You may have wondered why? Well, it’s quite simple, as you can see the Bronx is on higher ground, which is more than most of New York since it’s a coastal city. So think about it in the long run or not so long at all? As you can see throughout the world and in your habitat, global warming is everywhere. Sea levels are rising, ice is melting, and pollution is generally the problem. So our best advice is that you should stay away from water. Many would think well that will be in about 200 years or so, wrong by scientific prediction it’ll happen as soon as 2050 although some suggest 2100. Anyway, you don’t want your office or home to be in a boat.

When it comes to flooding now we mean apartment or office flooding it’s easier than in other parts of New York. Reliable movers Eastchester NY can tell you that prices in the Bronx can’t be compared to those in Manhattan.

Big wave hitting a dock with a boat attached to it;
Now as you can see all around you and you hear all on the Internet and TV, you can see that global changes are imminent. You have to be especially careful if you live near large bodies of water.

Move your business to Bronx if you want to get the right information

This is another business advice that we’re giving you. At the end of the day, you’re moving to the world capital of the economy and information. Never forget that you are close to Wall Street, that’s about 15 miles from the Bronx. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the most recent industry news, including macroeconomic data and their impact on your competition. You’ll be in a good position to strike while the iron is hot since various organizations can give expert consulting services and in-depth analysis. You can also hire many experts regarding any business industry that you do or maybe marketing experts, to help you promote your company. You’ll see improvements immediately since you won’ make any random or unchecked moves. Other than that you’ll have a better insight into the whole situation.

A person looking at many papers with statistics on the table, while thinking how to move your business to Bronx;
You don’t have to know everything to be number one, but increasing your resources and information is a must for a successful business. So start digging!

Moving to NY is good for your reputation and your taxes

The status and reputation of having an office in New York City are crucial. It is a huge plus for businesses looking to break into the global market. Many enterprises in NYC are industry forerunners. Relying on their substantial influence over global trade, finance, culture, politics, fashion, and entertainment. There aren’t many places in the world like New York City. As a businessman, this was and is the capital of trade in the world. It’s just amazing to see all of those companies and there are so many role models you can look up to.  Now the biggest advantage of having an office located in the Bronx is as we’ve mentioned good governing, influencers, real estate prices, a bigger number of customers, etc.

As you may know, the taxes are lower than you may know. So never forget the old quote drop by drop fills the bucket. That is why there are over 500 big tech companies located in the Bronx. Now if we think in the long term this reason could be one of the strongest. Now that would be it for this blog. These are our top 10 Reasons to move your business to Bronx, and we hope that you liked them! Following our guide will make your relocation easy and smooth. Have a great day!



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